18 October 2013

WUDAC's Letter Re: Historic Preservation of Wheaton Youth/Rec Center

October has been a busy month for Wheaton and WUDAC. In addition to the redevelopment of the central business district, the proposed historic preservation designation of the Wheaton Youth/Rec Center has generated press coverage.

As a little background, in 2012 the County Council approved funding for a new facility that would house a new library + a recreation center for Wheaton. The location of this new facility would cover both the old Wheaton library site plus the old Wheaton rec center site. In mid-2013, Grimm + Parker (selected architectural firm) held two community meetings to gather ideas for the new project. 

In September 2013, the Historic Preservation Commission (HRC) held a public meeting and made a recommendation to the Planning Board to place the Wheaton Youth/Rec Center under historic preservation. The Historic Preservation Commission's report is available here. A historic preservation designation could affect the plans for the new Wheaton Library/Rec Center. As of today, WUDAC is researching the issue, but has not taken a position. 

The HRC's recommendation now sits with the Montgomery County Planning Board (MCPB). The matter was on the agenda for the October 17 MCPB meeting, but it has now been postponed until November 14. Details on the time will be forthcoming. Once the MCPB votes in favor/against historic preservation designation, the matter is then placed in front of the County Council for the final vote. 

WUDAC submitted a letter to the MCPB. That letter is available here