15 October 2013

Avalon Bay Presents Plan for New Development in Wheaton

At the WUDAC meeting on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 representatives from Avalon Bay presented the company's plan for the future redevelopment of the site enclosed by the intersections of Georgia Avenue, Blueridge Avenue, and Reedie Drive. This site is currently occupied by a 7-story office building (mostly leased by BB&T) and two smaller buildings on Blueridge. 

The project will be a multi-family rental community titled "AVA", a derivation of the name "Avalon" the reps informed the audience. The consciously-chosen name is the result of a 2008 renter segmented study to target the interests and preferences of Millenials.

Another selection is the building's exterior: a colorful facade with corrugated metal will face Georgia Avenue. Other planned design features include the community's 25-foot setback from Georgia Avenue and a walkway along Reedie to connect AVA to the adjacent WMATA site and Leesborough community. The project is not anticipated to include commercial space.

Arlington, VA based Avalon Bay has communities in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Pacific Northwest. There is one existing AVA community in the Metropolitan area: AVA H Street in Washington, DC.

WUDAC has reached out to the developers to get some pictures of the proposed development to post on this blog. Stay tuned. 

Nadia A. Sesay