29 November 2012

Pepco - New Streetlight Reporting System

Pepco has recently launched an improved online streetlight outage reporting system.  As stated by Pepco, the new system does the following:
Once a streetlight problem is reported, the new reporting system sends the customer an email with a tracking number, location and pole number. When a streetlight is submitted for repair, the respective icon on the map will appear red; once the light has been repaired, its respective icon will turn green. In most cases the streetlight will be repaired within 15 days. An email confirmation will be sent to the customer when the service request has been completed.
For the full release by Pepco, click here.

If you know of a streetlight problem in the Wheaton area, use the online system to report it. The online streetlight outage website is available here.

27 November 2012

New Official Wheaton Website!

There are many exciting developments occurring in Wheaton, and today we would like to direct your attention to the updated and brand new official Wheaton, MD website, at www.wheatonmd.org. Take a look today!

12 November 2012

Meeting Agenda for Tuesday Nov. 13, 2012

AGENDA for November 2012 WUDAC Meeting
November 13th, 2012
2424 Reedie Drive, Wheaton, MD 20902
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Please silence cell phones

Call to order/Introductions/
Approval of minutes/Chair Report

RSC Director Report

Wheaton Small Business Survey

Communications update

Council Staff update

New Business
A. Finalize new subcommittees

B. New proposed time for WUDAC
 monthly meetings

C. Schedule November subcommittee

Community Concerns


Meeting Minutes Draft Oct. 09, 2012

Meeting Minutes Tuesday October 09,2012
Mid-County Regional Center 2424 Reedie Drive Wheaton MD 20902

Members Present:     Henriot St. Gerard, Jim Onder, William Moore, Janet Yu, Jeannette Feldner, Devala Janardan

Members absent:       Marian Fryer

Staff Present:             Ana Lopez van Balen, Director, Mid-County Regional Center
Sidney Cooper, Manager, Marketing and Events

Guests:                       Esther French, Wheaton Patch
Vicky Surles, Wheaton Kensington Chamber of Commerce, and Cathy Hirsh, on behalf of the Montgomery Art Association
Ash Kosiewicz, on behalf of the Coalition for The Fair Redevelopment of Wheaton

Call to Order: 5:34pm
Call to approve minutes from 9-11-12 meeting. Request to change chairman to Chair. Minutes approved with change.

Chair Report: Henriot St. Gerard spoke about recent work revising bylaws, interviewing candidates for WUDAC membership, and developing a theme this year around a Main Street Concept. He also mentioned that several members of WUDAC attended a pot luck dinner in support of The Coalition for the Fair Redevelopment of Wheaton. He touched on plans for a retreat for WUDAC members in late October or early November, hopefully timed to include new incoming members.

Police Report: None. St. Currie, 4th District, was called away before meeting began.

Directors Report: Ana Lopez van Balen reported on recent conversations with small business owners. Discussions centered around the Wheaton Small Business Impact Fund. She also stated that the Costco opening is delayed by construction issues but Dick’s Sporting Goods is now open at Westfield. Ana also briefed WUDAC on the new Public Safety Task Force. Councilmembers Riemer and Navarro have requested that she and Commander Damskey, 4th District, work to expand this task force to include many stakeholders in the community, including residents, PTA’s, advisory committees, etc. Ana asked group members to consider volunteering for this effort. Lastly, she touched on the World of Montgomery Festival to be held on Sunday October 24th. She briefly mentioned that the Kids International Discovery Museum will be sponsoring an international village featuring tents from India, China, Ethiopia, and El Salvador.

Marketing Update: Sidney Cooper continued with a short visual presentation of the World of Montgomery website to follow up on Ana’s remarks. WUDAC also viewed and commented on drafts for the new Wheaton logo and Wheaton website. She also reminded us that the enhanced Farmer’s Market that will include the International Market currently at Wheaton Mall will commence Sunday October 28th.

MAA: Cathy Hirsh briefed WUDAC on the background of the Montgomery Art Association. They currently have a temporary small space at Westfield but are looking for a larger venue. She asked WUDAC and all stakeholders in Wheaton Redevelopment to consider the opportunity to incorporate the Arts as a drawing card in development plans.

Bylaws: Devala presented a draft of the new bylaws and requested comments. A motion was approved to send the draft to the County Attorney for review.

Community: Ash Kosiewicz spoke on the work of The Coalition for the Fair Redevelopment of Wheaton, that they wish to lift the voice of small business and residents who normally feel powerless to participate, and educate them on places to find help. He asked WUDAC to keep in contact with the Coalition and their activities.

Adjourned: 7:08pm

03 November 2012


Welcome to the World of Montgomery Festival, celebrating the cultural diversity of Montgomery County MD
This says it all

Corey Yu from Hollywood East Cafe

Latin dance demonstration

Jant Yu from Hollywood East Cafe

Janet Yu shares her expertise on making dumplings

Janet Yu shows us how to make dumplings

Sidney Cooper Marketing Director for the Wheaton Urban District

Congressman Chris Van Hollen addresses the crowd

Henriot St. Gerard, Chair of WUDAC, with daughter

County Executive Ike Leggett

Ana Lopez van Balen, Director, Mid County Services Center