04 February 2014

Meeting Minutes Tuesday September 10th, 2013

Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee

Mid-County Regional Center, 2424 Reedie Drive Wheaton MD 20902

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday September 10th, 2013


Members Present:  Henriot St. Gerard(chair),  Devala Janardan(vice chair), Tom Stanton, Marian Fryer, William Moore, Nadia Sesay, Luis Bonilla, Jeannette Feldner

Members Absent:  Jim Onder, Dan Thompson, Rick Kessler

Staff Present:  Ana Lopez van Balen, Director, Mid-County Regional Center

                          Sidney Cooper, Marketing Manager, Wheaton Urban District

                           Joe Callaway, Operations Manager, Wheaton Urban District

Guests:  Rick Siebert, Chief, Division of Parking Management, Montgomery County Department of Transportation

Call to Order: 6:01pm by Chair Henriot St. Gerard followed by introductions of members, staff and guests.

Motion: To approve July Meeting Minutes.  Motion passed with one minor change to member name(Rick)Kessler

Chair Report:

Henriot noted a flyer on Wheaton redevelopment distributed during the meeting announcing StonebridgeCarras/Bozzuto as the selected developer. He urged WUDAC members to attend the Sept. 18th meeting

He noted that WUDAC has a small business vacancy and a challenge filling it. He asked for WUDAC to help find a nominee

Henriot turned to discussing the upcoming WUDAC retreat and asked about whether it should be moved to a weekday evening instead of Saturday. Two members can’t attend on Oct. 05.  He asked for recommendations for topics to be discussed.

Safeway opens Oct. 24th and the apartments will be ready for leasing in October. WUDAC would like to do a tour, welcome event.

DOT Presentation:  

Ana Lopez van Balen introduced Rick Siebert, Chief of the Parking Management Division of MCDOT.  He outlined the process by which the developer was chosen to present plans for the Urban District Redevelopment. He stated that the company was chosen through a procurement process by a Quality Selection Committee. He reported that the highest rated developer proposal was selected to be presented to the public for comment and if no significant issues are raised they will be invited to enter into negotiations for a contract to proceed. Mr. Siebert stressed that the developer has not entered into contract yet and proposal could be resolicited if necessary. Some WUDAC members expressed that they were misled by the process. Mr. Siebert assured members that everyone wants this to be successful.  There is a need to move forward but not rush and mess it up.  Ana noted that we will have future meetings on small business and other issues involved and took responsibility with the language in the flyer

Directors Report:

Ana reported on a RFP for small business assessments.  She talked about topics in the the Mid-County newsletter. There will be hearings on a county proposal for historic preservation for the Rec center on September 11th. 

They will advertise the Wheaton Facade Improvement Program by the end of the month.

Ana is working with the Kensington Heights community on the water main replacement program and attended a meeting

The NightTime Economy Task Force is finalizing recommendations.  Henriot or Holly Sullivan will present to the Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board on October 1st in the Mid-County Center at 7:00pm

Washington Properties will bring in residents in March 2014.

Avalon Bay wont go forward with their original proposal for multi family use.  They would like to meet with WUDAC

A developer, Penn Rose,  has been selected to renovate the Ambassador Apartments.

Sub-Committee Reports:

Design: No report

Economic: Will outreach to businesses about food truck festival

Marketing:  Sidney Cooper stated that the food truck festival will only take half of Parking Lot 13 due to feedback from  businesses.  She discussed a Wheaton Business Promotional Flyer that will be designed by Jeannette Feldner and asked for comments by the following Wednesday.


Joe Callaway, operations Manager for the Wheaton Urban District, outlined the process involved in creating the FY2015 budget. He explained to WUDAC about “above the mark” requests and asked that members discuss in our October retreat and then give feedback

Other Business:

Ana Lopez van Balen shared information from a press conference on Panhandling  held the day before in Wheaton by County Executive Leggett and Council member Leventhal and attended by community organizations. People concerned with the plight of the homeless are being encouraged to text a donation to 80077 rather than giving directly to those on the street.  The money will go to services to support the homeless.

Adjourn: 7:31pm