21 July 2010

WUDAC members- please comment on the draft letter re: Washington Property Plan by close of business Monday July 26. You can respond to Sue.Koronowski@montgomerycountymd.gov or to Dan- both can post your comments to the blog. Thanks!

July 22, 2010

Ms. Franciose Carrier, Chair
Montgomery County Planning Board
8787 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Dear Ms. Carrier and Members of the Planning Board:

Washington Property presented to the Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee (WUDAC) an overview of intent for the purchase of the First Baptist Church, sitting on 2.3 acres at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Viers Mill Road, for a 221-unit residential apartment project at 10914 Georgia Avenue. A rezoning application has been filed to go from the current zoning of R-60 (single-family residential) to TS-R/Transit Station Residential (multi-family residential). The property is located in the Urban District which abuts a largely commercial area.

The property’s redevelopment will include a building with 221 rental units, of which 12.5% will be MPDU’s. Seventy percent (70%) of the total units will be one bedroom and studio rentals.

Washington Property has met with the neighboring community, who are supportive of this redevelopment project.

The Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee feels that this building will enhance the downtown by providing more density, which will benefit the local businesses. Also, it is a beautiful building that will enhance the “gateway” to the downtown as a first impression, thus inviting more business to Wheaton. WUDAC is pleased that the applicant will be mitigating the problem of storm water and the degraded stream buffer. This will be of great benefit to the community.

Thus, WUDAC supports the rezoning of this property from R-60 to TS-R to allow the Washington Property to construct this project.


Dan Somma

Cc: Isiah Leggett
Nancy Floreen
Damon Orobona