19 January 2015

Meeting Minutes, Monday November 17,2014

Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee

Mid-County Regional Center, 2424 Reedie Drive, Wheaton MD 20902

Meeting Minutes, Monday November 17, 2014


Members Present:  Devala Janardan(Chair), Derry Goberdhansingh, Carlos Perozo, William Moore, Mirza Donegan, Leah Haygood, Dan Thompson, Rick Kessler

Members Absent: Tom Stanton

Staff Present:  Ana Lopez van Balen, Director, Mid-County Regional Center

Guests:  Henriot St. Gerard, MCCAB.   Andrew and Mary Rollo, residents. Jim Agliata, Westfield.  Tami Axelrod, resident.

Call to Order:  6:35pm By Chair Devala Janardan, followed by introduction of members and guests.  October meeting minutes were approved with minor changes.

Community Concerns:  Andrew Rollo, resident, voiced two concerns.  The first issue related to a crumbling retaining wall behind the Giant food store.  Jim Agliata, an official from Westfield, was present and said he would look into it.  His next question was about the Capital Bikeshare coming to Wheaton.  Ana Lopez van Balen answered that when the Town Square opens they hope to participate but what we have now is due to grants.  She mentioned that there is a meeting on this next week.

Westfield Presentation:  Jim Agliata, a manager at Westfield, gave WUDAC an update on projects at the shopping center.  They are about a month away from signing an agreement with an upscale(unnamed) movie chain.  He then when on to highlight the ongoing negotiations with WMATA concerning a ramp to their garage which is impeding redevelopment of the old Ourisman site.  WUDAC members then gave feedback on the connectivity of Westfield to the Urban District and traffic improvements they felt were necessary.

Directors Report:  Ana Lopez van Balen reported that the Small Business Development Center from the University of Maryland has begun the education process with the businesses located around lot 13, urging them to attend upcoming meetings that will begin in January.  So far only about 30 businesses have signed up.  She asked all affected businesses to be part of the process now for you need to know if you qualify and not wait for the actual funding to appear.

She then continued with mention of the work of Alex Cartegena who is working for the county to assess the needs of the Artists in the Wheaton Community.  There are three meetings scheduled in December:

12/3 Hollywood East 6-9pm.  12/10 Limerick Pub 12-3pm. 12/13 Regional Service Center 10am-1pm

These informational meetings are critical for grants.

Ana then reported on an upcoming DOT meeting next Monday at 6pm during the WUDAC subcommittee meeting.  The topics will include infrastructure, bike lanes, and pedestrian enhancements.  She also noted that the Director of Permitting Services will speak tomorrow during the MCCAB meeting about Recipes for Success, e-plans and green codes and other topics.  Ana passed out Volunteer Registration forms for WUDAC members to complete and briefly noted an upcoming meeting on Ebola at the Silver Spring Civic Building on Nov. 25, 6-8pm

SubCommittee Reports:

Character:  Mirza Donegan spoke briefly about a draft letter to the County Executive concerning funding priorities for the Urban District.  A copy was handed to WUDAC members for review and later discussion

Arts & Entertainment:  Devala spoke of the need to get a list of artists for Alex Cartegena.  He noted that our A&E designation was in danger.  We need to discuss what is necessary to retain it.

Old Business:  Discussion then returned to the Funding Letter.  Some concerns were that we needed to request specific dollar amounts and also define certain wording in the document.  A motion was made and passed to send the letter with some edits.

Devala then reminded members of the upcoming mixer with the Wheaton & Kensington Chamber of Commerce and made note of those WUDAC members who would be attending.  He passed out an informational sheet which will be shared with those attending the mixer.  Lastly, Devala mentioned that the next subcommittee meetings are scheduled for December 15th.

Other Business:  Mirza Donegan reminded WUDAC that nominations for the BRT Corridor Advisory Committee are due by November 19th.

Adjourn:  8:00pm