02 April 2013

Two Wheaton Establishments Make Washingtonian Lists

Wheatonites know that we have some of the best and more diverse restaurants to choose from. The Washingtonian Magazine agrees, naming two of our neighorhood spots, Nava Thai and the Limerick Pub to their best-of lists. 

The Limerick Pub made the 75 Great Bars List for 2013. The Washingtonian Magazine states:

A dartboard, Guinness on tap, a fire crackling in the corner: These are things you might expect at a suburban Irish bar. But while the friendly Limerick—painted shades of orange and green—packs in all those pub standards, it also surprises by serving up tasty meatless dishes such as vegan bangers and mash and a veggie burger studded with black beans, carrots, and potatoes. Insider tip: Look out for “game-time specials” when local teams are on the telly—including $3 Yuengling lagers and burgers for $5. Open daily. http://www.washingtonian.com/happyhours/great-bars-2013-the-limerick-pub.php 

Nava Thai has made numerous lists in the past few years, including Very Best 2010, Very Best 2012, Best Cheap Eats 2010, Best Cheap Eats 2011, Best Cheap Eats 2012. Now Nava Thai can add the Very Best 2013 to its list of accomplishments. The Washingtonian Magazine states:

Many Thai restaurants flag their spiciest dishes on the menu with one or more chili-pepper symbols. Heat is such a foundational element at this tavern-like dining room that pointing it out would be like asking a burger joint to tell you it uses meat. Most dishes wouldn’t exist without it, such as the Floating Market Noodle Soup, a sweet and tangy broth that lashes the tongue. An innocuous-looking salad of country-style pork with cilantro and pulverized rice ignites a series of small fires in the mouth. But heat isn’t the kitchen’s sole preoccupation. In the best dishes, spice, fragrance, and texture are braided into an often thrilling unity. Don’t miss: Larb gai, ground chicken with lime, onion, and chili; crispy mussels; pad Thai; drunken noodles; red curry with pork. Open: Daily for lunch and dinner.Inexpensive. http://www.washingtonian.com/restaurantreviews/100-very-best-restaurants-2013-nava-thai.php 

In the past few months, Wheaton businesses have been getting their due in the media, with The Limerick Pub, Nava Thai, Ruan Thai, and Kantutas all getting write-ups.