10 July 2012

Meeting Minutes June 12th, 2012



         Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee                                 

                     2424 Reedie Drive Wheaton Maryland 20902
                              Meeting Minutes, June 12th, 2012

Members Present: Jeanette Feldner(chair), Marian Fryer, Jim Ondor, William Moore, Devala Janardan, Ken Nelson, Janet Yu, Henriot  St. Gerard
Members Absent: Matt Barry, Linda Amendt
Staff Present:         Ana Lopez van Balen, Director, Mid-County Regional Center
                                  Peter McGinnity, Wheaton Redevelopment Manage
Guests:                    Adam Fogel, staff to Councilmember Navarro
                                  Ben Moskowitz, staff to Councilmember Floreen
                                  Bruce Goldensohn, serve committee
                                  Elizabeth Chaisson, Green Wheaton
                                  Heran Gebeyery, Degian Ghebermicael, KHCA
                                  Yonique Redwood, resident
                                  Esther French, Wheaton Patch
                                  Sgt. Currie, 4th District police
Call to Order:         Chair Jeanette Feldner, 5:03pm
Motions:                Minutes approved with corrections. Ken Nelson first, William Moore,second
Business:                Jeanette opened meeting by reminding everyone there is one more meeting in this term. She asked for volunteers to form interview committee for the four upcoming vacancies for members. Janet, Devala, and Jim volunteered to interview candidates for the openings for resident, large business,optional method developer, and chamber of commerce.  Janet, Linda, Ken and Matt will be leaving.  We also will be electing new chair,vice chair, and secretary at next meeting.
Sgt. Currie: 3 robberies in area including Capital One Bank on University Blvd. one purse snatching and one no information. Other incidents included one aggravated assault over music selection, 6 residential burglaries, I auto theft(none from public parking lots)there were no commercial burglaries to report
Ben Moskowitz: introduced himself as a new member of Nancy Floreens staff.  He specializes in land use issues and will report back to Councilmember Floreen on our issues.
Bruce Goldensohn: Introduced himself as part of the Council’s Committee to Serve.  He was present to review WUDAC as part of the Council’s efforts to save money by eliminating overlapping committees. Stated he felt WUDAC served a useful purpose and would be needed for quite a while into the future.
Ana van Balen RSC Director Report: Thanked everyone for supporting Taste of Wheaton and asked all who participated to complete survey. Janet remarked she liked people watching at the wine tasting booth. William noted need for a second electric generator due to power problems.  Ana announced the beginning of the Summer concerts and stated to check website for info.  She also commented on the ongoing dialogue with property owners on towing , an upcoming ZTA meeting concerning the Costco gas station,  the  Glenmont Sector Plan going to zoning board and a meeting on the relocation of Fire Station 18. Lastly, Ana announced she will be working with Sgt.Currie on a Public Safety Task Force, hosting a Mid-County Non-Profit Summit and a Glenmont Day Care Task Force.
Adam Fogel Council Report: Council will be forming working group with residents as a clearing house for parking studies, redevelopment, etc. Adam responded to an email sent by member Janet Yu concerning roadside solicitation. In summary, Adam clarified that Md Attorney General ruled that pan handling for profit entity is illegal but is legal for non-profits. Gives County the ability to start permitting system although there may be future free speech issues.
SubCommittee Reports:
Advocacy: No report but stated Express Buses is on agenda for future meeting
Community Building: Commented on WUDAC table at taste of Wheaton and the public relations benefits
No other reports.
Pete McGinnity Redevelopment Report: $66 million is approved for Park and Planning building on lot 13 and for study of feasibility of Bus Bay development. DGS and P&P will meet to shape building.
The Planning Board has approved Lowe Enterprise’s Sketch Plan for project at 11141 Georgia Ave, Washington Properties has applied for a demolition permit for apartment construction at 10914 Georgia Ave, and the Safeway Construction should have the exterior building completed by December. Pete also touched on the streetscape improvements near the Limerick Pub on Price Ave and a small business survey mailed to area businesses. They had approximately 1/3 returned and results should be available mid-July. Peter also reminded everyone that parking rates in the CBD will increase on July 1st.  A written report on Redevelopment was also submitted for WUDAC review.
Community Concerns: Marian Fryer announced a Summer Enrichment Program for K-12, June 25-July 6 at New creation Church. She also stated that from july 9th to start of school , a lunch program would be available for kids in need. Other activities are also available.
Janet announced her new restaurant concept-Dumpling DoJo
Elizabeth Chaisson from Green Wheaton talked about a Rainscape Program on Reedie drive and an upcoming fund raising event at Brookside Gardens
Jeanette reminded everyone of the fireworks at Einstein High School on July 4th.
Meeting Adjourned: 6:23pm