12 April 2012

Costco Presents Updated Gas Station Proposal to WUDAC

Costco representatives Erich Brann and Pat Harris attended our April 10th meeting and presented an updated proposal for the construction of a gas station at Westfield. According to Mr. Brann, many improvements have been made to address the concerns of the nearby Kensington Heights community. Highlights of their plan include: double walled piping with leak detectors that will shut the station down in the event of a breach; a variable height sound resistant "green" wall to shield the community from noise of idling cars; an air permeator inside the tank to capture vapors and return them to the tank; storm water management and lighting controls.

In spite of these enhancements, the Costco representatives were somewhat evasive when asked by WUDAC as to whether the Kensington Heights community has embraced this updated proposal, stating only that they feel the community has received bad counsel and is "misguided" about the project.

Costco will hold an open house April 25th from 7-9:00pm at the Crossway Community Center located at 3015 Upton Drive in Kensington. All concerned residents are invited to meet with Costco representatives and review the updated plan.

WUDAC has decided to withhold opinion on this plan until after members have had more time to study the proposal and gage community sentiment.

News flash: The Costco store construction now already underway has been moving ahead of schedule. The Grand Opening is now planned for October 12, 2012